How one Head of English is using The Definite Article


Reading time: 1 minute

Lauren Cooke is Head of English at Rushcliffe School in Nottingham, and is teaching AQA’s new AS/A-level English Language and Literature specification. Here she shares her thoughts on how she and her colleagues have used The Definite Article.

We have found the The Definite Article blog to be a really valuable resource to complement the AQA AS/A Level Language and Literature course. For teachers new to teaching this course, the blog has provided inspiration and guidance to secure subject knowledge, develop expertise and teach focused lessons.

We’ve found that the research digests are useful in clearly summarising the key aspects of articles, with the introductions serving as an interesting starting point to ground the article and stimulate thinking. Each of the ‘Taking it further’ sections has provided some valuable suggestions on ways to apply the ideas in the article to particular elements of the specification, and made us think about our lesson planning and resources.

We’ve also started to use parts of the digests with students to enrich their knowledge and deliver a bridge between the demands of GCSE and A Level. We’ve found that these are useful in encouraging independent learning and challenging students. For instance, our students have accessed some of the recommended websites to consolidate and extend their learning.

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