About The Definite Article

The Definite Article is brought to you by AQA.

The Definite Article is brought to you by AQA.

Welcome to The Definite Article, our blog dedicated to providing teachers with a series of resources informed by recent work in higher education that they can use with students in their classrooms. All of these are designed to support teachers in their thinking behind the new AQA AS and A-level English Language and Literature specifications. Follow The Definite Article for:

  • ‘Lang-lit’ research digests that take the latest and innovative work in stylistics and present these in a succinct form. These are accompanied by teaching ideas related specifically to AQA’s specification that encourage teachers to think about ways that they could integrate this research into their classroom planning and teaching. Teachers might also find these useful to support students with preparation and wider reading for NEA.
  • webinars that develop ideas and concepts raised and explored in each digest. These can also form stand-alone resources for teachers to use in the classroom.
  • wider reading suggestions and short reviews of important books and other resources designed to support teachers with building a bank of background reading for use with students.
  • a frequently updated list of news and events that are specifically relevant to AS and A-level English Language and Literature teachers.

Our lead contributors Billy Clark, Marcello Giovanelli and Andrea Macrae all have substantial teaching and research experience and expertise in stylistics, and have worked extensively with teachers in schools and colleges to develop integrated language-literature work.

So, take a look at our recent posts, and don’t forget to keep checking back over the year for more.

We hope you enjoy following The Definite Article, and please tweet us @Teachyourway if you have any ideas for future content.


The Definite Article team.